Youth & PENSA Ministry

The Youth & PENSA Ministry is for teenagers, young adults and students. PENSA (Pentecost Students & Associates) is the student wing of the church. However, adults who see themselves as youthful and more energetic also participate in the activities of the ministry. The Youth & PENSA members are trained spiritually to keep the fire of God burning in their hearts as they grow to know the Lord more and more and also to deal with the numerous challenges of life in contemporary times.

Programs and activities are held in a fun and godly atmosphere. The Ministry strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to draw teens, young adults and students into an active and responsible participation in the church and the community at large.



- For Youth

Youth! Arise and Shine!!   

Youth! Remember Your Creator Now!!   

Youth! We Are The Future Leaders of The Church!!



Christ in You! The Hope of Glory!!



Brother Manford Andrews Quaisie